Each year, the Atlantic Council of Engineering Students hosts three events, all held at different member schools across the Atlantic region. These annual events provide engineering students from all four Atlantic Canadian provinces with professional development opportunities, as well as the chance to meet with other students from the region to discuss a variety of engineering topics.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The ACES AGM is a gathering between the ACES Executive, Commissioners, and its members. 

The first few days of the meeting are focused on discussion groups, giving attendees the chance to gain insight from each other and provide input into the growth and direction of the CFES.

On the final day, a General Assembly session takes place where member representatives can propose resolutions and vote on important decisions.

Atlantic Engineering Competition (AEC)

AEC allows competitors to have an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, while promoting  innovation and higher excellence through a competitive environment.  Categories for competitors include: Innovative Design, Consulting Engineering, Junior Design, Senior Design, Re-Engineering Debate, and Programming. This is an incredible opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals from across Atlantic Canada as well as industry professionals.

Engineering Leadership Summit (ELS)

Summit is a leadership and professional development conference. ACES runs a combination of student and industry lead workshops to improve that focus on leadership and professional skills. Event ideas are also shared and changes to the ACES Constitution and Policy Manual can be made to further improve the Council.

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